Seasonal. A Novel.


Rob Anderson’s job as Seasonal Folklorist in the idyllic setting of East Tennessee leads to adventure and romance as he uncovers layer after layer of the legend of local murderer and outlaw Boyd Jenkins. By asking the right questions, Rob and the beautiful Ruthie Taggart find the truth behind Jenkins’ intriguing past. 

About the Author:

Folklore is an interesting profession, but one not a lot of people have heard of before. If you tell someone you are a folklorist, they usually assume that you play the banjo or tell stories, not that you are a serious scholar with a Ph.D. I hope that non-folklorists reading this book will learn a bit about our profession – that’s one reason I wrote it. I have been asked why I wrote from the male perspective instead of the female. This is just the way the story happened. Ruthie is a strong female character, however, and sometimes she comes off as being smarter than Rob – that should hopefully satisfy all my fellow Smith College graduates.


You could get a used copy on but I would prefer to sell you one myself (I promise to give you a good deal).  The book is also available in electronic format on smashwords.  But, if you want a hard copy, please contact me at, and we will work out a deal at a very reasonable price.