Senses and Memories Part Two: As the Stomach Turns

Earlier this week, I ate a weird combination of foods and ended up with an upset stomach. The next day, I turned to my go-to comfort food to calm it down:  noodles with butter and a generous sprinkling of salt, which to me is the definition of the term “totally bland but utterly delicious.”  

I also craved a Coke, and not just for the bubbles.  When we were kids, my mom used to give us “Coke syrup” when we had an upset stomach.  Yes, this was a thing back in the day, and you can still get it at sales outlets that market nostalgia like the Vermont Country Store.

  No scientific proof, apparently, confirms Coke, flat or bubbly, in syrup form or straight from the can or bottle, as an actual cure for an upset stomach.  But, as this web site points out, it may make you FEEL BETTER none the less, if, for instance, your mom used to give it to you as a kid for this purpose.  One trusts one’s mom to know what she’s doing when you are young, right?  When she said, “This will make you feel better,” in a soothing voice, you were bound to at least attempt to feel better.

What foods and/or drinks from your childhood ease a crummy tummy?


2 thoughts on “Senses and Memories Part Two: As the Stomach Turns

  1. Soda water with quinine or just plain ole tsp of baking soda in water.. I have no fancy stories of its origin or how and when I became aware of this remedy but it works for me! Love va

  2. Soft boiled eggs on lightly buttered Roman Meal (now whole wheat) toast.
    Also, Canada Dry ginger ale and baked egg custard sprinkled with nutmeg. My mom would put the custard cups in a pan of water and then bake them which supposedly gave the custard a perfect consistency. Now I am hungry, but not sick.

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