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This is the web site of Round Barn Press, print and on-line writing by author/publisher Betty J. Belanus. You will find some "well rounded" (pun intended!) writing here, including my novel Seasonal, which you can purchase in hard copy; web-based work in progress; other creative work; and a blog. 

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*Blog - occasional musings about life as it comes
*New creative work - Whatever inspires me in the realm of fiction
*Seasonal - information on the book and how to buy it
*Travels - Photo galleries of recent travels near and far

About Me and Round Barn Press:

I have always loved to write. I live in the Washington, DC area and my "day job" is as a curator and education specialist at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.  

I call the Press (and thus the web site) Round Barn Press for several reasons. One, round barns have no corners, so you can't back yourself into one. Two, I like to look at things from 360 degrees as often as possible. Three, round barns are just cool, different, scarce, and interesting.  

I hope you enjoy the web site!

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